How do I trust again?

How do I ever trust that she won’t talk to him again?

He is ready to accept her. She could go back to him at any time.

He may never give up on her.

2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, even 2 years from now she could change her mind and want him back in her life and he would be there. The more of his words I read, the less sure I feel about my marriage.

Every time she types on her phone part of me thinks it is to him. She is always on her phone. We have to carpool and she is always typing. I don’t want to show my resentment and distrust. I don’t want to pick a fight. She does not react well.

Will this feeling ever go away?

No Joy


I spent the day with my family. It made me sick. Why am doing this?

Did I make a mistake taking her back? Can I survive this?

Is her one skill in life turning good men bad?

Have I figured it out?

I am sitting here staring at my wife. Right now I hate her, maybe most of all. It is simple to talk about my hate for him. As with everything about her, my hate for her is complicated.

I am doing this for our daughter, is that all that is left of us?

To steal a line from her, I want to punch her in the face. I hate Sarah. I knew what she was.

Am I just stuck with her? Is that doing the right thing?


Too Fucking Much

I have had to deal with a cheating wife, her stalker and the guy she had an affair with.

Last year over Father’s day weekend, my wife went on a 2 day trip with Joe and brought our daughter. WTF??? She said she was staying with a friend up north. I knew she was being evasive about it at the time. I should have trusted my gut.

In his blog he claims that he tried to pick another weekend because it was disrespectful to me, but she wouldn’t change it.

What a bunch of shit.

Why am I doing this to myself?


What do I do now?

This is crazy. It is surreal. I am a part of some giant game that I don’t understand. What irks me the most is I am the writer. I was before I met my wife. I stopped because of her. He started a blog and is fighting me on my own turf.

I have a God Damn Master’s degree in creative writing!

What do I do now?